Root System

A New Kind of Residency

About you:

  • You're a software engineer, 5+ years into your career.
  • You like writing code, but have already figured out that you don't want to be a career individual contributor or middle manager.
  • You see people at startups with roles like CTO, VP Engineering, or Chief Architect. You can see yourself in that sort of role one day, but you feel unclear on how to get there.

About us:

  • We're a group of veteran engineering & product leaders who have spent our careers in early stage startups (years 0-5).
  • We're also a venture firm with a portfolio of early stage startups (eight and counting!), some of whom are looking to hire someone like you.
  • We're building a structured program for people like you to learn how to level-up and become true engineering leaders.
  • The program doesn't cost money. In fact, we'll pay you to be in it.

The Residency program will start January, 2022 and run for three months. The program will include components of apprenticeship, mentorship, and job placement.

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